Payment Policies:

  • There is no contract associated with the ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’ service.
  • All payments will be by cash or direct transfer. Receipts will be given for purchases.
  • There are no hidden fees. The only payments will be for the appointment and/ or ‘How To Guides’ and/ or travel charges.
  • All payments will be made upfront on the day of appointment.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Privacy Policies:

  • All data and personal information collected through the ‘Details and Questionnaire’ form and through appointments will be kept in strict privacy and will not be able to be accessed by others outside the service unless otherwise specified.
  • All personal information contained on ‘Followers’ profiles of the ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’s’ Facebook page can be used by ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’ for research or contact information but will be kept strictly confidential.

General Information:

  • By no means is ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’ associated with the companies whose products are reviewed or discussed by ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’.
  • All opinions are strictly personal and in no way connected to those of the companies whose products are reviewed or discussed by Bendigo Tech Tutor.
  • There is no personal liability for any broken or faulty computers or other pieces of technology used during a consultation with ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’.

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